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How to use Aspose.Cells with RS 2008?


I am trying to use the product Aspose.Cells.
But, I don't know how to use it.

Explanations :
I have a report, created on RS 2005. I deployed it on the server RS 2005. When my report is generated, I export it on Excel.
I open it with Excel, and all my formulas are OK (when I modify a cell, my formula is updated).

Now, I am trying to deploy my report on the server RS 2008. When my report is generated, I export it on Excel.
I open it with Excel, and my formulas are not OK ==> Only the result is good (when I modify a cell, there is no formula generated, only the result is displayed).

So, I read on the Internet that I can use Aspose to keep my formulas in my export on Excel (for 2008 Server).

But, I don't really understand how to use Aspose.
I can export my report with "XLS via Aspose.Cells", but my formulas are not kept.

So I have some questions about Aspose and how to use it :

Aspose is a product to use only as an ADD-IN in Excel ?

Have I to open my report on Excel ?
If yes, when I do that, my Excel page is empty. I have my datasets, but I would like to keep the layout of my report.
If no, how can I use Aspose with Visual Studio 2008 ?

Is it possible not to modify my report directly on Visual Studio 2008 to keep all my formulas ?

What do I have to modify on my existing report to keep my formulas (like "Report Item" in Visual Studio) during my export on Excel ?

Thank you in advance,


Florian GLEDEL


Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services is basically add few Excel relating rendering extensions inside Report Engine.

Similarly, there is a different product whose name is Aspose.Cells for .NET, you can use this product to programmatically create your Excel files/reports.

Please try the latest Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services to test your issue. If it does not get resolved, then please provide us your RDL file. We will look into your issue soon.

* Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services (Latest Version)


Thank for your answer and your help.

I download the file, and I made these instructions :
http://www.aspose.com/doctest/ssrs-rendering-extensions/aspose.cells-for-reporting-services/integrating-manually-with-visual-studio-2005-or-2008-report-designer.html ?
Is that right ?

If I do that, I could export my report via Visual Studio 2008 with “XLS via Aspose.Cells”, couldn’t I ?

By doing this, I can open my report in Excel (after the extraction via “XLS via Aspose.Cells”).
But, my formulas in my report like “=ReportItem!tblData1.Value + ReportItem!tblData2.Value”, where tblData1 and tblData2 are fields in my report, are not generated in Excel.
I mean, I got the result, but not the formula. So, if I change a number (in tblData1 or tblData2), the result is not updated.

Is it normal ?
Or maybe I made a mistake during the installation ?
Or do I have to change something on my report in Visual Studio 2008 ? Or I have to change my report in Excel ?

You can find a picture of my report, using the tool “ReportItem” in the report on Visual Studio 2008.

Thank you for your help.
I am sorry for my questions,



Thanks for your feedback.

For your help, I have forwarded your question to Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services team. I have also logged this issue in our database. We will keep you updated.

This issue has been logged as CELSSREP-29306.


Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services product is make of two parts.

1 - Aspose.Cells.Renderer for Reporting Services:
This is actually an implementation of Microsoft Reporting Services and Visual Studio Rendering Extension .

2 - Aspose.Cells.Report.Designer:
This is a report designer tool that is integrated with MS Excel in Add-Ins… form. It have open , design , save , publish function and so on. But it only get dataset and data source and so on. It cannot get any report item information from report define file that is designed by other report designer tools (VS and Report builder) .

We have checked your issues and think that your provide formulas is realized with Dynamic Formulas for A spose.Cells.Report.Designer in excel.

Please reference Aspose.Cells Template and Smart Markers and user guide.

By the way, please post your report define file here. We will check it ASAP.