How to use Aspose.Excel in Visual Basic 6


I have tried Aspose.Word…as the example you 'd given us :

set w = createobject(“Aspose.Word.Word”)

It works find…but how about AspExcel…i have tried the same thing:

dim ex as object
set ex = createobject(“Aspose.Excel.Excel”) and it pops up error message:
Active X can’t create object…

what suppose i do?


Hi Okinawaman,

We will update Aspose.Excel to enable you to use it in VB6. A formal release will be published in next week. Thanks for your patience.


Done yet?!



Yes. Please download V2.4 and have a try.


Dim obj As Object
Set obj = CreateObject(“Aspose.Excel.Excel”)

still show the same message "Active X component can’t create object!'

how come the Word one is working and the Excel one not?

Come on Guys…make it works…


You have to register the dll manually.

The easiest way is to uninstall your previous Aspose.Excel and install the new setup msi. Please have a try.


i have removed the old one and reinstall the aspose.excel from the link you gave me before, but the problem still arise , see the code below and when i ran it, it popped up the same error message : "Active X component can't create object!"

see my code just for simple test:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim obj As Object
Set obj = CreateObject("Aspose.Excel.Excel")

Set obj = Nothing
End Sub


I think this problem is caused by you IE security setting.

You can write a test.vbs to test it. In ths vbs file, put your code:

Dim obj As Object
Set obj = CreateObject(“Aspose.Excel.Excel”)

then open cmd.exe and run cscript.exe test.vbs.


I tested on Visual Basic 6 Form.


Really strange. Could you run regedit.exe to check your registry to see if Aspose.Excel is registered.

Please check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT to see if Aspose.Excel.Excel exists.

You can also have a live chat meeting with me at


After re-check my setup project, I found the setup msi didn’t register the dll for COM usage. I fix the setup msi and upload it. Please download it and re-install it again. Sorry for any inconvenience.