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How to use Aspose.word to read a *.doc file?


I,m a new comer and i’ve just known this web and Aspose. I don’t know much about this concept. Now, I have a small project that I want to read Words with C# and don’t use the automation. What can I do with Aspose.Word ? Please help me.


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Here are some pointers that should help you get started:

  1. See API documentation for classes and methods descriptions and examples. Don’t be put off by the fact that some methods do not have examples because most of the important classes and methods do have them. Just keep looking, there are not too many.

  2. See source code of the demo project included with the product installer.

Regarding what you can do with Aspose.Word:

  1. You can open DOC files, use new Document(fileName); or create new DOC files.

  2. You can mail merge data from various data sources into the document. You can do this in “classic” mail merge similar to MS Word or use repeatable regions or a combination of both approaches. With mail merge you can also define event handlers to perform some more complex content insertion during mail merge.

  3. You can modify and explose document content somewhat using Document, Section, Bookmark, Range classes. They are not as fully functional as in MS Word Automation yet, but they allow to do some basic things at least.

  4. Use DocumentBuilder to move “cursor” inside the document and insert rich content and formatting. This way you can insert text, tables, images, fields, hyperlinks and apply font, paragraph, section and table formatting. DocumentBuilder “compensates” for the lack of functionality available from current Range etc objects. Recently added feature, you can insert HTML formatted text into the document.

  5. You can save the document in DOC, PDF (requires Aspose.Pdf) or HTML format.

If you ask more specific questions, I could be more specific in answering them.

When we create doc file with aspose.words. Can you convert it to excel file?

Thanks for your inquiry. There is no built-in converter to Excel. But you can use Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells to create your own converter. I attached the demo (beta version) that performs such conversion. I hope it could be useful for you.
Also you can find demo for converting from Excel to Word
Best regards.