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How to use Aspose.Word with .NET Framework 1.0

Dear Sir/Madam,

I downloaded the Aspose.word msi assuming it would work with .NET framework 1.0. When i installed the msi it has a dependency on .NET framework 1.1. Is there a trial version which works together with .NET framework 1.0.



Aspose.Word 1.6 and greater targets .NET Framework 1.1.

However, it is possible to run Aspose.Word with .NET Framework 1.0.

You need to edit your application configuration file and make Aspose.Word target .NET Framework 1.0 as described in MSDN article Targeting a .NET Framework Version.


But it isn’t possible to install the msi. The msi has a dependency on .NET framework 1.1, so the solution does not work.
Does anyone have another suggestion?

Install .NET Framework 1.1 at least temporarily and at least on your development machine. Both 1.0 and 1.1 can coexist on the same machine by the way.


I’m trying to make use of the Aspose.pdf component, and finding that i can’t install the msi due to a dependency on framework 1.1. I feel it is rather simplistic to suggest installing the .Net framework 1.1, even temporarily, since we would no longer be able to guarantee the same behavior in our development environment as our server environment.

Also, I’m wondering whether it would really be such a big deal for Aspose to generate a framework 1.0 msi for the general public. You seem to be willing to risk running both 1.0 and 1.1 anyway.

I think a 1.0 installer would be greatly appreciated by many people such as myself. Since Aspose.pdf appears to be the best bet out there, it’s a shame to let potential customers slip away like this.


Danny van Kasteel

Hi Danny,

As we don't have many requests for an installer that works on .NET 1.0 we would try to avoid building it and I suggest a compromise.

If you need the component itself, you can download the latest hotfix, it's just a zipped dll.
I can also email you the component, the demo projects included in the product installer and documentation, please email me to to request this.
You can also access all documentation online.