How to use form.FillField - Urgent


I read the documentation, but it only states as follows:

dim form as Form = new Form("testForm.pdf","output.pdf")

form.FillField("sngText","This is a new Line!")



The code ends there, and doesn't show what to DIM at the top to use the form as type Form.

IS there a complete text on this ability?

The API is lacking on instructions for filling a field on an existing PDF form.

We are trying to make a purchasing decision at this moment, and the key factor is the Form Filling of existing fields on the PDF server.


(sorry should have been posted in pdf.kit)

Found one problem, the chm was corrupted when I got it, I re-installed and found the instructions to be more complete. Second issue now is that the example requires a .lic license file, is there a test lic file that can be used instead while we test this to see if its going to do the work we require?


Nevermind, worked around the problems.

Now the only problem I have is with the email of the pdf, keeps going to 0 bytes on received end, but that has nothing to do with this product.


Thanks for considering Pdf.Kit.

Any problem is welcomed to be posted, we will help you as much as we can.

Best regards.Smile [:)]