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How to use the class properties in Lotus Script (Utilize Aspose.Cells in other Programming Languages )


How to Utilize Aspose.Cells in other Programming Languages?

Is there any documentation for methods that can be used in other languages?

example: in Vb - PutValue method in cell class is used for updating a cell value. The same method is not working in Lotus script, for that we have to use cell.PutValue_4

Even if we convert the Vb code to Lotus Script the code will not work, as the exact methods are not used.For example: formatting a cell style "cell.setStyle" method is used and this is not working in Lotus notes. To use the same in LS I donot know what suffix to put and so Im randomly trying _2,_4...




Well, Aspose.Cells for .NET can be used through COM. Please check the following documentation topic for your need:


Since Cell.PutValue method is an overloaded method and has a long list of overloaded versions, so, in other languages like vbscript, javascript lotusscript etc. this method will be splitted to number of methods e.g.., Cell.PutValue_1, Cell.PutValue_2, Cell.PutValue_3, Cell.PutValue_4, Cell.PutValue_5 etc. If you are putting a simple string value, you may try to use as Cell.PutValue_5("hello world!")

Thank you.


I got ur point on how to use the Aspose methods in other languages. Thanks.

My next question is where can I find documention for all the methods that Aspose.Cells uses (for other languages).

For example I'm not sure on where to use Cell.PutValue_1, Cell.PutValue_2, Cell.PutValue_3, Cell.PutValue_4.. I know only Cell.PutValue_5 and that too you have said. The link that you have sent shows only the examples. But I need all the info regarding the methods.

My requirement is to do the below formatting on the excel that is to be generated. (code in lotusscript)

xlApp.Selection.Font.Bold = True
xlApp.Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 3
xlApp.Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = 8
xlApp.Rows("1:"& row%).Select
xlApp.Selection.Font.Name = "Arial"
xlApp.Selection.Font.Size = 8
xlsheet.Columns("AF").ColumnWidth = "55"
xlsheet.Columns("AF").WrapText = True
xlsheet.PageSetup.Orientation = 2
xlsheet.PageSetup.LeftMargin = "0"
xlsheet.PageSetup.RightMargin = "0"

If there is some documentation, it would be helpful for me to refer and code the above using Aspose methods or it will be a overhead for me to post the codes similar to above in the forum and ask for the alternate aspose methods.

Hope you got my issue.



Well, for your desired functionality, I think you may try to check the following documentation topics which may help you to implement your requirements. The code provided there is obviously in C# and VB, so you may write code yourself for other languages like vbscript, lotusscript etc.

Managing Row/Column:














Check the doc topics in the section:


Thank you.


Please download the attached .zip file which includes the latest Aspose.Cells for .NET version and the corresponding TLB file for your requirement.

Please view/browse the TLB file, you may use the Microsoft OleView tool (oleview.exe command line utility). The easiest way to download it is from: `http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9D467A69-57FF-4AE7-96EE-B18C4790CFFD&displaylang=en`.

For the overload methods, you can easily check the description and other info for the overloaded method versions described with the suffix in the format such as, e.g.., Method_Name, Method_Name_2, Method_Name_3, Method_Name_4 and so on..... Please go through the complete details for Aspose.Cells APIs i.e.., the attributes, methods, enums, structs, classes/interfaces etc. for your need.

Also, you can directly use Visual Studio to open the tlb file and view the corresponding details including interface definitions.

Thank you.