How to work with Mailmerge using Bookmarks - aspose 3.5



We are the licensed user of Aspose.Words .net component..

Bookmark Closing Letter.doc: attached the document.. I have a problem in merging the document with BookMarks.. I get succeeded with the sample mailmerge document provided by aspsose with Fields but not bookmarks..

Could you please send me the code for mail merge to work with bookmarks.

Our order details:
Order ID: 060330083314
Order Date: 3/30/2006
Payment Status: Paid ( 3/30/2006 )
Total Price: US$899

Please consder this is an urgent requirement..

Thanks in advance,


The attached document contains MailMerge fileds enclosed in bookmarks. MailMerge.Execute should work fine on it.

Please explain your problem in a more detailed form. I am afraid I don't currently understand what you requirements are.