How would you compare Excel automation to Aspose.Excel


We have a .NET web application that takes an Excel file that the user uploads from their desktop, opens the file server-side using Excel automation, and runs through the rows in that application (using the Workbook & Worksheet objects) to then populate a few tables in a database. The sheet is in a complex format so simple sheet to table transformations cannot be used.

We would like to get away from Excel automation mainly because we were never able to get it to work on one of the servers in our cluster, and are evaluating the Aspose.Excel product.

Has anyone done anything like this before? How hard is it to convert from using Excel automation to Aspose?

As an aside, if I’m reading the licensing correctly, it seems as though I only need the Developer Professional subscription since there is just the one website that we’ll be using this for?


Please check

Many other users have already replaced their Excel automation applications with Aspose.Excel because they have found our product is much more stable and faster.

It’s not difficult for this conversion. Please check the api reference at I think it may be familiar to you.

About the license issue, our sales team will support you later.


If you just have one developer and just need features in Professional Edition at, you just need One Developer Professional Subscription.

Feel free to let us know if we can be of help.