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HTML embedded in created Excel files


We have been using your control for a bit and it has worked very well. Today I was reviewing the contents of an excel file that we generated with your control via a .Net ASPX web application for any embedded data that might be a security risk. Things like full file system paths of the web server, the machine name, etc. I noticed that at the end of every excel file I created with your control the web page that it was created from is embedded at the bottom of the file. Specifically, the raw html just as it had been rendered on the client browser before I clicked the button to export the data.

Is there a good reason for this? It is removed if you open the file in MS Excel and then resave it. So, it isn’t needed in the file.

Any information on this would be useful, particularly a method to prevent this from happening as it is a waste of bandwidth.


Hi Aaron,

Aspose.Excel doesn’t retrieve any information from you web server except when checking the license. And all license information will not send to client. So your problem is not caused by our component.

I am still not clear about your problem. Could you elaborate it?


After a basic review of the output of your Excel control I will agree that you don’t put sensitive information in the files that I didn’t intentionally include.

What you do include though, is the HTML from the page that requested the file. Follow the steps below to reproduce the problem.

1. Go to your own demo page for the Excel control.

2. Click on the ‘Catalog’ link.

3. When prompted, save the file to your desktop.

4. Open the file with MS Notepad
a. Right-click on the file you just saved on the desktop
b. Choose “Open With”
c. Browse to Notepad.
d. Click ok

5. Once the file is open in Notepad, scroll down a little bit. After the garbled Excel information is the HTML that makes up you Excel demo page.

The HTML in the bottom of the file is always the same as the web page that allowed the user to generate the Excel file.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, you are right. Though this is a minor problem, it’d better to remove the extram html. I have fixed it and in two days I will release a new hotfix. Please keep an eye on it.

What is the status of this problem?

I am sorry for forgetting to put an word for this issue in fix 1.8.7 announcement.
It’s fixed. Please download hotfix 1.8.7 and have a try.