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HTML file takes 12 seconds to load into InlineXbrlDocument

We recently reviewrd Apose.Finance on a temporary license.

When loading a html file as a InlineXbrlDocument while debugging we noticed it took around 12 seconds to load. Is this normal, or a delay put into the temporary license?

If this is standard it would obviously not be practical to make process a large number of files.


Please zip and attach your iXBRL document and paste your sample code (runnable) here, we will check it soon.

Prod224_0095_00620464_20210405.zip (10.8 KB)

InlineXbrlDocument fle = new InlineXbrlDocument(filepath);

"filepath"is location of the document.


Thanks for the sample HTML file.

Please notice, I am able reproduce the issue as you mentioned using your sample HTML document. I found HTML file takes more time to load into InlineXbrlDocument. I have logged a ticket with an id “FINANCENET-121” for your issue. We will look into it soon.

Once we have an update on it, we will let you know.


Any feedback into workarounds for this would be appreciated. i.e. If the delay is not IO overhead then parallel processing will probably reduce processing time of multiple files


Sure, we will keep you posted with any updates (once available) on your issue. Please spare us little time so we could evaluate your issue thoroughly.

Just some more info from more testing I have done.

I tried reading the files on different threads (10 threads at a time), but this just increased the read time of the files to between 40 and 50 seconds each. This points to an issue with IO from the disk, maybe due to issues as you are streaming the document.

Unfortunately this would be a deal breaker for us due to the amount of files we need to process. Looking forward to hearing back from you, hopefully with a fix


Thanks for sharing your findings.

Let us evaluate and fix your core issue and hopefully it will be figured out soon.


Because the uploaded file needs to download the taxonomy file, it takes a certain amount of time. You can configure the cache, it may take some time to convert the file for the first time, and then it will be very soon.

XbrlDocument document = new XbrlDocument(“D:/Download/Storage/finance/test/XBRL_JHHBL_Standalone_19-20.xml”);

Thanks, this has reduced the loading time to around 1 second a file. This still seems a lot but should be workable for us


We have recorded it against your issue. We will get back to you with updates on it soon.