Html rendering in ppt

Hi team,

Is there any way to render the text with html tag in ppt.Now I have tried it but it is showing text with html tags not rendering.

how can I achive this when putting data in textframes.

Hi Gopal,

Aspose.Slides for .NET provides the feature to render the HTML text to a textframe.
Please see the following documentation link with sample code and details on how
to accomplish it.

and Exporting HTML Text in Presentation

case you still face any issue, please share your sample code, input html and
resultant file with us. We will check it and get back to you.

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I have created table and setting text as following.This is showing ‘My name is gopal.’ as text not rendering tag so that i can see it in bold.There may be some other html tags that come dynamically.


int Table2_Position = table1.Y + table1.Height + 50;

//Adding a new table to the slide using specified table parameters
Table table2 = slide.Shapes.AddTable(80, Table2_Position, TableWidth, 10, 2, 2, 1, Color.FromArgb(191, 191, 191));

table2.GetCell(0, 1).TextFrame.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].Text = "My name is gopal.";

Please provide solution asap as I need it urgently.

Hi Gopal,

As mentioned in the above documentation link I shared, you need to use Paragraphs.AddFromHtml() method to add the HTML content to a text frame. Please see the following sample code to get an understanding:

//Instantiate Presentation class that represents PPTX file
using (Presentation pres = new Presentation())
    //Access first slide
    ISlide sld = pres.Slides[0];

    //Define columns with widths and rows with heights
    double[] dblCols = { 250, 250 };
    double[] dblRows = { 50, 30, 30 };

    //Add table shape to slide
    ITable tbl = sld.Shapes.AddTable(100, 50, dblCols, dblRows);
    tbl[0, 1].TextFrame.Paragraphs.AddFromHtml("My name is gopal.");

    //Write PPTX to Disk
    pres.Save("c:\\data\\table.pptx", Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Pptx);

But I am unable to find AddFromHtml() method and also not allowing index on table in following code

tbl[0, 1].TextFrame.Paragraphs.AddFromHtml("My name is gopal.");
tbl[0, 1].TextFrame.Paragraphs.AddFromHtml("My name is gopal.");

We are using version 2.2

Hi Gopal,

The code and documentation link I shared works fine with our latest version of Aspose.Slides for .NET v14.3.0. The version you are using is very old and the feature might not be supported in that version. I would suggest you to upgrade to the latest version and try it.

Thanks & Regards,