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Html sql display as html on Reporting Services

Can I use Aspose for reporting services to display sql data that is stored as html in html format? Reporting Services doesn’t allow this. I thought Aspose had a tool to allow this. I would want the data to show in html format, such as when the sql has
or &nbsp, then either a break or space should be found, rather than the actual text ‘
’ or ‘&nbsp’.



Hi James,

Thank you for your request. If you mean that textboxes of the report contain HTML code instead of plain text, then yes, you can instruct the renderer to format the output accordingly by specifying a configuration option as described here:


It is not quite clear from your message though what output format you wish to use. As far as I understood, it should be HTML as well? If yes, then the HTML export format will be available in the forthcoming hotfix of the product; otherwise you can download and try export to Microsoft Word formats such as DOC, DOCX, RTF etc. straight away.

Please let me know if you need more clarification on Aspose.Words for Reporting Services and I will be more than glad to help.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your reply. I would like the former of the two options (textboxes contain html code). I looked at the link you mentioned, however I am not sure where to add the configuration element. I am using Reporting Services on SQL Server 2003 (I have 2005 available also). When I view the XML code, I do not see a element to which I can add the element.

I appreciate your help.



You should edit the rsreportserver.config file as described in the following topic:


Please let me know if you still have difficulties adding the configuration setting.

Thanks again Dmitry. I made changes to my configuration file by adding:


I exported a file. Now the “
” text is no longer there, and there is a line break as expected. However, I have a few “&nbsp” and those are showing as &nbsp instead of a non-breaking space. Also, there was some text for underline . That text is not viewable, but the text is not underlined either.

I appreciate your help.



Please attach the entire RDL report to review.