HTML tags display as plain text

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I’m trialling the product and have managed to easily export the data from my database into excel, it works fantastically well and is incredibly simple, however, I have a problem in that the HTML tags display as plain text, rather than the formatting that they represent being applied and displayed.

For example, you see all the

paragraph tags and everywhere, when I require it to actually apply the formatting, is there any way to do this ?

If so, is there a way to do this when simply dumping data from a datatable into the worksheet ( as opposed to specifically adding each row/column and setting it to be an HTML column, for example)

Obviously I would prefer to be able to dump the content of the datatable and have formatting applied, but if this does not work, then i would be happy with any other method.

much appreciated,

Mike Edgar

Well, Currently Aspose.Cells don’t support to process html tags to format data, we will consider it in future. I think you may use some APIs of Aspose.Cells to do the formatting task after extracting data from database.
Please check the following wiki topics for formatting data:

Thank you.

I appreciate this topic is over three years old, but I can’t find any other mention of Cells supporting HTML. Is there an easy way to put some HTML-formatted text into a cell?

Your Words product has a very impressive HTML import feature, it’d be great if even a subset of that was supported!


Well, I am afraid, importing html is not supported yet. Aspose.Cells for .NET only supports to export a workbook as html format, it has also Cell.HtmlString attribute to get an html tags for the formatted data in this regard. This feature request has already been registered to our internal issue tracking system with an issue id: "CELLSNET-6868 ". We will inform you here when it is available or there is any progress about

Thank you.