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HTML tags not supported in Aspose.word

This is an urgent requirement

I'm retrieving records from a databse and writing it to a word document . I am using the "Alternating Rows" example demo as standard and modified the table/columns to match with the fields of my datasource.

The real problems is ... many fiedls in the database stores rich tech boxes with its formatting characters. For eg..


for a new paragrah. Now all these formatting characters are appearing in the word document and looks ugly.

I was generatting the same reports using aspose.pdf. Thouugh it was not supporting 100% html, but it was upto someextend consdiering the formatting issues.

I can see " text1.IsHtmlTagSupported = True" for accepting html characters in the document.

Is their any matching facility in aspose.word.

Highly appreciated if you could give an example code with text1.IsHtmlTagSupported = True

for your demo example "Alternating Rows" example demo.

thanks in advance.

My client is eagerly waiting for the same facility as we did with aspose.pdf


Given below is an example taken from aspose.pdf

Dim pdf As Pdf = New Pdf

table1 = AddTable(pdf)

AddRow(pdf, table1, strstrIssue)

Private Sub AddRow(ByVal pdf As Pdf, ByVal tabel As Table, ByVal strIssue As String)

Dim row1DetailTable As Row = tabel.Rows.Add()

Dim cell1 As Cell = row1DetailTable.Cells.Add()

Dim text1 As Aspose.Pdf.Text = New Aspose.Pdf.Text(strIssue)

text1.IsHtmlTagSupported = True

text1.TextInfo.FontSize = 18

text1.TextInfo.FontName = "Arial Narrow"



Thanks for your request. You should use DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml method to inser htnl into document. See the following link for more information.

Also see the following link.

Best regards.