HTML to Aspose.Pdf


I have a string content with html. I want to generete a pdf file using Aspose.Pdf.
One way is to parse my whole html content line by line analazing each tags and using Aspose classes (for example>: for

I use Aspose.Table class) to generate a pdf. I know this is very , very hard to implemant because I must analyse each html tag from HTML Specyfication. Can I do this very easier ? Are there any class they would help me?


Dear Chrisek,

You need Html2Pdf. right?

We’re sorry but currently Aspose.Pdf doesn’t explicitly have a feature like that.

We agree that it is very challenging to implement a general Html2Pdf based on the current version of Aspose.Pdf.

However, if your html is very simple or limited, it may be a different story.

So what’s your html?

If possible, post a sample here so we may suggest a solution for you.


You need Html2Pdf. right?
Yes I need something like this.

My html is simple (without headres, scripts etc). For example:

strong>Customer Info

ID: 12

Name: Chrisek

Header1 Header2
some data some data
some data some data


Dear Chrisek,

Thanks for your consideration.

Since your html is simple, you can write a program to change it to an xml file which matches the format of Aspose.Pdf, and then generate the pdf file using that xml file. It should not be a very difficult process. You can use it for all of your html files.

We will add support for html2pdf later.


It is importat to Us to have this converter html2pdf. Can You infom me when the html2pdf support will be added? Then we will purchase Aspose.Pdf for sure.

Krzysztof Swiezynski
Poland Torun


Dear Krzysztof,

Please check the post at Pdf Forms to familiarize yourself with our current to do list.

After we finish that, we will begin to work on the Html2Pdf. I expect it will be available next January or Febuary. Please keep an eye on this forum for the exact delivery date.

However, how urgent are your requirements? If you can’t wait for that, what do you expect us to do? Could you implement a temporary solution of Html2Pdf by yourself?


In our comapny we have a lots of projects and we couldn’t spend too much time to implemment this converter :frowning: So if we decide to pay for a component it scholud satisfy our needs. But I understand Your situation too. In next days we will decide what to do with it. Write it, wait for You etc.


This portion “change it to an xml file which matches the format of Aspose.Pdf”…what is the format I can convert my HTML to? Do you a have a list of matching tags? For example what could I replace a tag with,etc?