HTML to Excel conversion using Aspose cell



I am generating the HTML to Excel file using aspose-cells-17.1.7.jar.
But at run time an error is occurring and blank excel file is generating.
Please provide a solution so that i can generate the excel file with full data without upgrade the aspose-cells-17.1.7.jar

Pankaj Jain



Please check this thread. Thank you.


Thanks for suggested code.
I have used that code but, i am getting the same result. Approx more than half data is lost in generated excel file than input HTML file.

Many days has passed and i not get any solution from support team. We are in critical situation and can't survive delay to resolve this issue.
Please provide the solution ASAP.

NOTE : generated excel is (17.8 KB)

Pankaj Jain



HTML to Excel conversion is very complex thing. Excel to HTML is relatively much easier. Not every type of HTML can be converted to Excel.

HTML is a markup language and rendered by Web Browsers. Just check the size of Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer etc. They are almost more than 60 MB and they are full of composite DLLs etc. On the other hand, Aspose.Cells is a single DLL and its size is around 10 MB.

In short, free form HTML (i.e. HTML not generated by Microsoft Excel) is very hard to convert to Excel file.

Besides, it is out of Aspose.Cells scope to convert HTML to Excel. Because it deals with Excel files not HTML files. These are just additional features.

However, we have already logged your issue (CELLSJAVA-42332) in our database for product team consideration and investigation. Once, it will evaluate your issue, we will be in better position to help you.

I will suggest you, first create a simplest Excel file, then save it to HTML using Microsoft Excel menu commands and then observe what tags or markups like (h1, h2, div etc.) are being generated by Microsoft Excel, then use those tags to generate your HTML. In this way, you will be able to generate the HTML dynamically which is easily understandable by Aspose.Cells and you will also not have to wait for this issue to be fixed. Thanks for your understanding and have a good day.


Hi Support,

This is Vishal. We have already purchased you license because we have html file which we want to convert to Excel. In our earlier communication you have said that if HTML file is excel driven then ASPOSE API will work. Now we have given excel driven html file and your API is not able to convert all the data to EXCEL. This is flaw in this API. This is a production blocker for us so please look into this with high priority.




Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

We have raised the priority of your issue to High (i.e. Blocker) but we are afraid, we cannot guarantee a quick fix as the issue is very complex. Once, we get some updates regarding your issue, we will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and have a good day.


Thanks for considering our request with high priority.



Is there any update on this?




I checked the status of the issue and it is “In Progress”. The concerned developer from product team is working over your issue. Hopefully we could update you soon here.

Once we have any new information to be shared, we will let you know here.

Thank you.



Thanks for using Aspose APIs.

This is to inform you that we have fixed your issue CELLSJAVA-42332 now. We will soon provide the fix after performing QA and including other enhancements and fixes.



Thanks for update.
When we can expect to get the updated library.

Pankaj Jain



We faced two more issues while convert the HTML to Excel file.

  1. Excel file not generated and error is occurring :
    While we are trying to convert the HTML to Excel file we are getting given below error message on console
    com.aspose.cells.CellsException: You want to put a string longer than 32K to Cell A217. MS Excel only allows to put a string shorter than 32K to a Cell.
    at com.aspose.cells.zhq.a(Unknown Source)

  2. Data Losss while converting the HTML to Excel :
    We are facing the data loss issue also.

NOTE : input and output files are attached for (28.6 KB)

Please resolve the issue on high priority

Pankaj Jain



Please share the release date.



@vishal.sinha.adeptia and @pankajadeptia

We have logged your comment in our database and requested the product team to share release date for the fix.

Please spare us some time, we will check these issues and update you asap.


@pankajadeptia and @vishal.sinha.adeptia,

Please download and try the following fix and let us know your feedback. It fixes CELLSJAVA-42332.



Please create a separate thread for this issue. Or share your email address with us, we will create a separate thread on your behalf.

Separate thread for each separate issue is necessary because it helps us investigate and fix the issue quickly.

Please create a new thread for this issue as well. Thanks for your cooperation in this regard and have a good day.



Please check the attached Excel file and its screenshot. It explains, Microsoft Excel does not allow you to add more than 32767 characters.

Please also see this link for more help.

Download Links: (6.1 KB)
sc.png (14.8 KB)



The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSJAVA-42332) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by Amjad_Sahi