HTML to PDF and HTML Width Tags



I have many legacy HTML reports created via SQL stored procs.

I would like to convert these to PDF with a little rewriting as poss. The BindHTML and save pdf works sort of, but my WIDTH tags are percentage based, with CLASS attrib.

Thus the PDF reports are not useable.

Question 1: How can i convert WIDTH to work with BindHTML

Question 2: Maybe i should write XML file from SQL - and convert this. (Do you have a sample how to do this)


Howard (


Dear Howard,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We are now working to make HTML support in Aspose.Pdf more powerful. In order to help you, we need more detailed info. Can you please elaborate the WIDTH tags you use (example will be better)?

If you want to write xml and then convert it to pdf, please refer to the introduction of xml in Aspose.Pdf at But I am afraid you have to change more code to do so.


Hi Tommy

You work hard! Sunday as well. Thats why I buy and support Aspose.

Here is my sample.

(011) 421 8020
(011) 421 7820


This is an example of a line generated from one of my SQL procs.

I have worked a lot with the XML> XSLT > PDF Aspose functions as we use this for our invoices and statements. But my prob is that to get all SQL SP's to generate XML I have a lot of work to do.



Dear Howard,

Thanks for your encouragement. What we can do is to make the product better and you happy.

Since the new version of Aspose.Pdf has support setting table's column width with percentage, we will soon support percentage in HTML2PDF. But the class will be supported about 3 months later.