Html to PDF execute JavaScript

Is it possible to execute Javascript for an html page and then render a pdf? I have a web page uses a lot of javascript and ajax calls to render the page. I would like to do everything the browser would do before saving it as a PDF.


Thank you for contacting support.

We are afraid that you may not execute scripts with the API, at the moment. However, a feature request can be logged to execute custom scripts over the document. Something like:

document.RunScript(string script)

Therefore, please share your source file and expected output as ZIP files so that we may investigate further and help you out.

Is it possible to run jquery and d3.js?


I regret to inform that it is not possible yet. We are working on this and soon we will provide support for this.

Is there any news for this implementation?


We are afraid that this feature is not implemented in Aspose.HTML yet. However, would you kindly share your sample HTML file which includes JavaScript. We will log a feature request accordingly and share the ID with you.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


We will log a feature request in our issue tracking system so that progress of the requested feature implementation can be tracked properly and that is why we requested a sample file for our reference. So, we can investigate the feasibility accordingly. Would you please provide a sample HTML file with JavaScript which you want to get executed during conversion?