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HTML to PDF: very slow up to 14'

We encounter great slowness in the conversion to PDF of some HTML content obtained by extracting the bodies of emails.
These delays can be counted in ten or twenty minutes.

We use Aspose Word V14.8 but the problem is the same with Aspose PDF 17.7.
We tried through your website and we have a crash.

Could you please please help us to determine why or give us the good way to do.
It exist Aspose HTML but i think the motor to transform would be the same, you confirm?

I give you 3 exemples of guilty mails.
thank youSMARTSCAN.zip (166.6 KB)

@M_ROUSSELOT Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem on my side using the latest versions of Aspose.Words and Aspose.Email for Java. I have used the following code for testing:

com.aspose.email.MapiMessage msg = com.aspose.email.MapiMessage.fromFile("C:\\Temp\\mail1.msg");
msg.save("C:\\Temp\\out.mhtml", new com.aspose.email.MhtSaveOptions());
com.aspose.words.Document doc = new com.aspose.words.Document("C:\\Temp\\out.mhtml");

It takes about 2 seconds to convert the first file and about 3 seconds to convert the second one.

We are under Linux and you?

@M_ROUSSELOT Initially, I have tested on Windows. Also, I tested on Mac and it took about 9-10 seconds to convert the attached files (My Macbook is slower them Windows PC). In addition I tested on Linux Docker and it also took about 3-4 seconds to convert your files.

We try with the last version of aspose Word and it’s OK but we can’t use it.
We use Aspose Word 14.8 by many other process and actually not possible to test the new version for all simply either aspose pdf.
Instead of msg file, i send you html file we use.
Have you got a solution with Aspose HTML or another module of Aspose Total?

email.zip (4.5 KB)

I thank you.

@M_ROUSSELOT Thank you for additional information. According to the features list you can use Aspose.HTML to convert Html documents to PDF. So you can try using it. Regarding details it is better to ask in Aspose.HTML support forum.
Note, It is strongly recommended to use the latest versions of Aspose API. In Aspose.Words we have 45k+ tests, which are run regularly, so there is very small chance that update can cause problems. The only thing is that there are API changes made after 14.x version of Aspose.Words and the appropriate changes in your code might be required.