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HTML-to-Word conversion problem with https image URLs

This problem seems related to the one mentioned in the post "mail merge issue image path https", but since my problem appears not to have been fixed as of version 10.1.0, I thought I'd start a new post.

I have HTML pages with image elements referencing HTTPS URLs. When I tried to convert the pages from HTML to Word, the images are lost. It works fine when using HTTP URLs, but not HTTPS. I condensed the problem down to a simple test. Here's the code I'm running:

InputStream is = new FileInputStream("test_files/input_files/https_image.html");
LoadOptions loadOpts = new LoadOptions(LoadFormat.HTML, null, "test_files/input_files");
Document doc = new Document(is, loadOpts);

and here's the content of the HTML file (with an altered URL):

Any suggestions?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your request. I just answered this question in your original thread:

Best regards,