HTML2PDF part #2

Is it possible after binding html from the url to make it so that on a page-break you can have the first row be repeated as is done in the code?


Thank you for considering aspose.

This is not easy. After binding the html, a document objects tree is created in Aspose.Pdf. You have to find the table object in the tree and then set the first row to be repeated.

I got it to work by doing the following code. It doesn't allow me to find an individual table and set its properties but it does allow me to find all the table and set their properties. Is it possible in the future if we passed a table with an id that the table id could be transposed onto an aspose.pdf table so we could use a format similar to the XmlApi example?

Dim sec1 As Section = pdf1.Sections(0)

Dim oParagraph As Paragraph

Dim oTable As Table

For Each oParagraph In sec1.Paragraphs

If oParagraph.GetType Is GetType(Aspose.Pdf.Table) Then

oTable = CType(oParagraph, Aspose.Pdf.Table)

oTable.IsFirstRowRepeated = True

oTable.IsSingleHeaderShown = False

End If


Good idea. We will consider supporting such feature in the future version.