Hyphen inserted into content

We have hyphens being inserted into our Word content. There is no hyphens in the original HTML content. One interesting point: when we copy the Word content to an Outlook email, the hyphens disappear. However, they reappear if the word is caused to wrap in the middle. If we copy to another Word document or notepad, the hyphen remains. I am attaching a document that I copied the sample text into, and have highlighted the words that are being hyphenated.

Our process for creating the Word document is to first convert an HTML documents to a Word doc. We then append this document to a base document that has the styles we want.


Thanks for your request. If you try saving your document to HTML using MS Word you will get the same result. It seems there is something wrong with hyphens inside your document. Also if you try creating new document with hyphens inside and then save this document as HTML you will see that hyphens are presented in the output HTML.

// Create new document and DocumentBuilder
Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
// Insert hyphen

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