I can't manage the permission to the download button in a PDF


When saving a document in PDF we block some functionalities (like the print button, …). But it seems like I can’t manage the permission to use the download button in PDF file open in a web navigator (circled in red in DownloadBtn.png) is it possible to do it with Aspose? If not do you have a solution for that?

Test with Aspose.DIAGRAM.NET 22.10.0, Aspose.PDF.NET 22.10.0 and Aspose.WORD.NET 22.10.0

All screenshot, input and output files are in the enclosed archive.Aspose.zip (181.4 KB)

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Please note that the download button in the Chrome browser is provided as its viewer settings and preferences. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to control how Chrome should display the PDF document in it. We are afraid that we cannot do much about it.