I could not create correct VDX document from scratch

I could not create correct VDX document from scratch, at the same time VSDX document was successfully created.

1. VDX contains evaluation water mark “Created with Evaluation version of Aspose.Diagram ©”. VSDX does not contain it. I have used license for Aspose.Total for .NET.
2. In the VDX document was gone most of the figures and it does not contain any connectors. In the VSDX document there is no such problems.

I have attached zip with these docs.

Hi Aleksandr,

Thank you for contacting support. It appears as the Aspose license is not applied to the VDX file. Please give us your complete code example, the input file (if any) and license file for the testing purposes, so that we could reproduce this issue on our side too. It would be great if you can prepare a simple console application which reproduces this issue on your side and attach its zip archive in this forum thread. We’ll investigate and reply you appropriately. Your response is awaited.

Thank you, Imran. I have found the problem, the Apose license was incorrectly applied. But it is strange why the VSDX is saved without problems

Hi Aleksandr,

Thank you for the details. Please note, you need to set a license once per application or process for each Aspose API. The Aspose license should be applied in the application start event. For example, in the web application, you can set license in the Global.asa file. In short, create a common License object for the whole application.