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I don't know why characters is broken

I used a java Aspose.PDF library.
I make a pdf using Arial font in my local PC. and It works well.
but it doesn’t work well in our window server. (characters is broken.)
=> we use korean language.

in my local pc(window)
well.PNG (2.9 KB)
in our server(window)
broken.PNG (6.4 KB)

I don’t know why characters is broken in our server.

that’s my code

textStamp.getTextState().setFont(new FontRepository().findFont(“gulim”, true));

and I read the FontRepository’s description.
=> Performs font search. Searches in system installed fonts and standard Pdf fonts. Also provides functionality to open custom fonts.

How can I know system’s all font using FontRepository? (I want to know what I can use fonts in FontRepository)

I need some help about fonts.
Can you recommend the fonts guide?


Thanks for contacting support.

FontRepository Class provides different methods to find/search/load fonts as well as font directories from the system where API is being used. In order to get list of default font directories, you can use getLocalFontPaths() method offered by the Class. Furthermore, please note that the font you are using during PDF generation, should be installed in the machine. Otherwise, you can load font from file at some path using openFont(String fontFilePath) method of the Class.

We hope this information is helpful. In case you need further assistance or face any issue, please share you sample PDF (input/output) with us. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

Thank you for answer.
Your answer was very helpful!.