I dont see the icons in the web grid

I am using the evaluation version of the grid control. when I run F5 from VS 2005 I dont see the icons in the grid. I am unable to use the grid. I checked the Internet explorer for using active controls. Still there is no difference. How can I use the web grid with the image icons?


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, your problem is possibly caused by using FILE mode website in VS 2005. Please try to use HTTP mode website.

At FILE MODE, you should add some config settings to the web.confg

add this config section to the web.config:

<add key="aspose.grid.web.agw_client_path" value="http://localhost/agw_client/" />
<add key="aspose.grid.web.force_script_path" value="true" />

Note: This config prevent the control from using embeded client resource(images, scripts, etc.). And this config will only take effect with LICENSED controls.

For more information, please check these links:

Thank you.