I get document dialog panel each time i do post back on the page

I’m using Aspose reporting services in my page to show some reports on word document, I have this case and I can’t find a solution for it:
I have aspx page that contains a dropdown list, this list contains print link item, when I choose this item from the list it’s supposed to show me a dialog panel to open my report on a word document, this work fine with me I get the dialog panel but if I clicked on cancel button on this dialog panel I will have a strange behavior!! The behavior is that I get the same dialog panel again and again when I click in any button on the page or when I do any post back on the page!!
Here is my code that I used to show the dialog panel:

document.ViewOptions.ViewType = ViewType.PageLayout;
document.Save(String.Format("{0}_{1:yyyyMMddHHmmss}.doc", docType, DateTime.Now), SaveFormat.Doc, Aspose.Words.SaveType.OpenInWord, httpResponse);

document is of type “Aspose.Words.Document”
httpResponse is of type “System.Web.HttpResponse”
I’m using Aspose methods to show this dialog so the problem comes from there, how can I end this behavior after I click cancel on the dialog panel!!?

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please create simple example that will allow me to reproduce this issue and attach it here? I will try to reproduce this problem on my side and provide you more information.
Best regards.