I got the error


i got the error but i don’t know what is the problem

Aws\S3\Exception\S3Exception: Error executing "ListObjectsV2" on "https://leaso-new.fra1.digitaloceanspaces.com/?list-type=2&prefix=system-files%2Ftemplates%2Fproviders%2Faspose%2FLEASO_Develop_Finansiel_Erhverv_49988.docx%2F&max-keys=1"; AWS HTTP error: Client error: `GET https://leaso-new.fra1.digitaloceanspaces.com/?list-type=2&prefix=system-files%2Ftemplates%2Fproviders%2Faspose%2FLEASO_Develop_Finansiel_Erhverv_49988.docx%2F&max-keys=1` resulted in a `400 Bad Request` response:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Error><Code>InvalidArgument</Code><RequestId>tx00000000000005157386e-0063d79311-7 (truncated...)
 InvalidArgument (client):  - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Error><Code>InvalidArgument</Code><RequestId>tx00000000000005157386e-0063d79311-7fb4ac08-fra1b</RequestId><HostId>7fb4ac08-fra1b-fra1-zg02</HostId></Error> in file /var/www/html/leaso-backend-2/vendor/aws/aws-sdk-php/src/WrappedHttpHandler.php on line 195

i think trying to get the file from Aspose

the file exists but cant get it

@b5digital Could you please provide the code that will allow us to reproduce the problem? Unfortunately, it is not quite cleat how to reproduce it.
Also, could you please specify which version of Aspose.Words API you use - Cloud or On-premises?

version 22.1.0
code 500 server error

@b5digital Unfortunately, it is still not clear how to reproduce the problem. Could you please provide Aspose.Words code that causes the problem. Also, as I can see from your log there is nothing about Aspose.Words in it.