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I need a different versions of the API

Hello, My name is SungHoon Kim, Samsung Electronics

I previously purchased your barcode c++ library license. But this was only the Visual studio 2015 version, and I need variety versions of the API besides that. (Visual Studio 2010, 2013)

If you have multiple versions of the Visual Studio c++ API in Aspose.barcode, please send them. If not, please send me its CMake.

This is my email address.


SungHoon Kim.


We are checking your requirements and will update you soon.


There is no plan for supporting VS versions earlier than 2015 due to C++ 14 limitations with earlier versions. CMake will also not help in this case. So, in short, support for earlier versions of VS won’t be possible. From upcoming release, VS 2017 will be supported. We are sorry but support for earlier versions won’t be possible.