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iCalendar demo GUI vs Recurrence demo GUI

Nice work on the iCalendar release!

I do have area where I need help with the new release. The demo GUI for the Recurrence component is much more useable than the iCalendar demo from the end user point of view. The Recurrence demo GUI is much like the recurring screens in Outlook or Scheduled Tasks for windows.

iCalendar’s demo GUI is perhaps more flexible overall (I don’t know), but it wouldn’t work well from the end user’s view point. For example, bysecondly and byminutely are very advanced options. Also, the common “by” selection area on the far right of the screen is not very straight forward for an end user.

So my first question is, “Can you provide an demo GUI similiar to the Recurrence demo using iCalendar?”. How much work would it take to modify the GUI to be more inline with and end user’s needs?

Another specific question related to the iCalendar demo as is. How would you go about setting up a bi-weekly pattern?



Thanks for the good idea, we are still working on the demos.

The screens to add/edit patterns now include controls to type and see the pattern in iCalendar format, we think it’s important to have those.

Maybe the screens will become easier to use if you just remove those controls. I’ll see maybe we can add additional “outlook-like” screens to the new demos too.

Bi-weekly pattern will probably look something like this:

//This will repeat every second Monday (because start date is Monday)

//This will repeat every second Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Any update to the iCalendar web demo? I am looking for and "Outlook"ish GUI for setting up recurring events from a web page.