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Ie9 Textwrap header not working

I am using gridweb, and I am setting HeaderBarStyle-Wrap=“True” in the html and in the code behind.
It was working on IE9 when I launched it in VS2010. When I deploy it to a server, the text wrap on the header stopped working in IE9. It is working in every browser except for IE9.


Thanks for notifying us about the issue.

I have logged a ticket for the issue with an id: CELLSNET-40011. We will figure it out soon.

Thank you.

Thank you. Please keep me updated on this.


We need more information on your part. Please provide us a sample code project and screenshots illustrating the problem. We will look into it and help you asap.

I was able to replicate the issue in a sample project after I put it on our web server. However, I get an unexpected error when trying to upload it. I also tried sending the Aspose team members an email through the forum, via the Contact > Send Email.

I have attached screenshots of the difference on IE9 and Firefox. Text wrapping works in chrome too.

I also attached a screenshot of the error I get when trying to upload my project. My project is 38 MB.

Is there another way to send the project? What is your email address and I’ll send it through my own email.


Well, I think our forums do not allow to attach files/project of 38 MB, you can upload your projects/files having size around 20-25 MB or so for a thread.

Alternatively, you can share these files from Banckle File Sharing service by following the steps mentioned below:
Create an account on banckle
Access Banckle File Sharing web console
Upload your project (you may zip it) to Banckle File Server through File Sharing web console
Share the download link with us here.

We will check it soon.

Thank you.

I was able to strip out a dll and make it smaller.

Attached is the sample project.


Thanks for sharing the sample project.

I have tested your project on IE8, FireFox, Google Chrome, it works fine onto these browsers and the header text is wrapped fine. We need to further investigate your issue on why it is not working on your server although it was working fine before deployment, that is strange. I have logged a ticket with an id: CELLSNET-40032. If we have any update, we will let you know.

Thank you.

Did you try hosting the project on a web server? This is where I ran into the problem.


Well, we have evaluated and tested you issue, please see the attachment (attached), the effect in IE 9 should be same with Firefox. For the bug which you submitted to us, we think your Browser Mode is not IE 9, it might be IE9 Compatibility View, IE8, IE7 etc. but not IE 9. And, for the Document Mode, it should be IE9 Standards, maybe your Document mode is IE8 Standards, IE7 Standards, Quirks etc. In that case, the view maybe different with IE 9 standard mode.

Thank you.

The issue was my browser was in IE9 compatibility mode… I didn’t see the broken page indicator in the URL box so I didn’t think this was the case.

I had to hit F12 and it said that the browser was in compatibility mode. I changed it and the column headers text-wrap like they are supposed to.

Thank you for looking into this.