If-field with condition on Mergefield with empty string not evaluating correctly


I am trying to use an if-field, where the condition is on another mergefield. If the mergefield is empty, I want to show one text, and if the mergefield contains data, I want to show it.

The field code before merge is like this:
{ IF "{ MERGEFIELD PhonePrivate}"="" "" "Private phone: { MERGEFIELD PhonePrivate}" }

After merge, it is like this.
{ IF """"="" "" "Private phone: """ }
which evaluate to Error! Unknown Op Code for conditional.

Note the 4 consecutive quotes - I would expect that there are only two, making the IF true. It seems the merge operation converted the empty string to two quote characters.

Can somebody please help? I don’t know how else to fill the field. I have many fields like this, and they all behave similarly.


Ah, I see that this is a duplicate of this problem:

Any updates on estimated fix time?



Thanks for your inquiry. This problem is already resolved in the current codebase. The fix will be included into the next hotfix, which will be released within few weeks. You will be notified.
Best regards,

Hi Andrey

Thanks for the reply. We will revert to using version 7.0 until then, as we are not using nested mergeregions or any of the other new features of 8.0.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as 12052) have been fixed in this update.

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