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IF Statement in Formula?

Hi again,

Would it be possible to add IF support to the formulas? I have a couple of reports that need to use if statements.

Here is an example of somthing I am trying to do (that is not working with Aspose Excel):
=IF(H288 = “1”,“Commission”,IF(H288 = “2”,“Cheque”,""))


Dear Alex,

Yes. I will add IF support to the formulas. It will be available at the beginning of next week.

Dear Alex,

Now it’s availabe. Please download it at


Works well for the formula I posted but it seems a few operators do not work?? Could you check:

<> not equal to
> greater than
< less than
>= greater or equal
<= less or equal

Thank you very much for the quick response!

Dear Alex,

Surely I will make these operators work. Please wait for another two days.

Thanks for your patience.

No hurry Laurence,

I have worked around it using just ‘=’ but it will be needed in the near future I am sure. These features are making Aspose.Excel a really powerful online reporting tool. Keep it up and thank you!


Dear Alex,

Now it’s available. Please download Hotfix 1.7.6.