IF support



Does this component support IF clauses. We are using the professional version 1.7 and the following will not work (but it does work when the merge is done directly in Word):

{ IF { MERGEFIELD Shares } = 0 “No Shares” “{ MERGEFIELD Shares}” }

This should print ‘No Shares’ if the mergefield Shares is 0, otherwise it should print whatever is in the mergefield.

When using Aspose.Word it always prints 'No Shares’

We have used MergeFieldEventHandler for some of the simpler cases (like this one). But it seems like the component should be able to directly support the IF clause.

Terrific component by the way, we use it on a couple of intranet applications and the employees just love it.



Hi Kris,

We plan to support IF fields, but at the moment I cannot comment well on the estimated delivery. Sometime within 2-3 months.