IIS crash with aspose.word component which versio is 202012

Dear Support,

Would you help to check and advise for below issue? Thanks

General information:

Development Language: C#

Server OS: Windows 2008

Runtime Version: .net framework 3.5

Aspose Version:
image.png (17.4 KB)

we involved Microsoft Support and found bellow information from the IIS dumps log .

  1. When Aspose processing word see many long-running requests
    image.png (9.5 KB)
    image.png (14.1 KB)
  2. And found that these requests all met error when processing
    image.png (16.1 KB)

@wengyeung Document processing time directly depends on the document size and complexity. Also, it is difficult to say why the exception occurs without the document itself.
So, could you please attach your input problematic documents here for testing? We will check the issue and provide you more information.