Image has been removed after changing value of LinkPathLong

Hi team,
I want to change the value of pictureFrame.PictureFormat.Picture.LinkPathLong,
but unfortunately, after changing, pictureFrame.PictureFormat.Picture.Image became null.
I tried to preserve the data of Image, assign it back Image, save to output file, but image has been still removed.
Please see:

var presentation = new Presentation(inputFile);
foreach(var slide in presentation.slides)
foreach(Shape shape in slide.Shapes)
var pictureFrame = shape as PictureFrame;
var image = pictureFrame.PictureFormat.Picture.Image;
pictureFrame.PictureFormat.Picture.LinkPathLong = “something”;
pictureFrame.PictureFormat.Picture.Image = image;

Here is my sample. (45.8 KB)

Please support me to keep image.

Thank you for the issue description. To my regret, I cannot reproduce the problem with Aspose.Slides 21.2. Please specify the version of Aspose.Slides you are using and check the problem for the latest version.

Currently, I’m using ver 19.4, the issue is gone when upgrading to ver 21.2.
Thank you for your quick support.