Image is inverted when converting spreadsheet to PDF

Image is inverted when converting spreadsheet to PDF.

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Thanks for the template file and screenshot.

I tested your scenario/case using your template XLSX file to convert to PDF. I tested with latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v22.12 (Download | NuGet) and it works fine. The output file is fine tuned and I do not find your mentioned issue in the output PDF

Please try latest version/fix and in case, you find any issue, let us know with details.

Using the aspose in Windows the conversion is OK, but if I use in Docker/Linux the problem occurs

Which net version are used in Linux?
Could you share a sample project? We will check it soon.

I’m using .net 5.0. The project is very complex to send.


I tested with .net 5.0 on Ubuntu, it works OK.
So please create a simple sample project for us to reproduce the issue.

Also, please try our lastest version Aspose.Cells 23.1.1, set target framework to net6.0 or net7.0, it will use Aspose.Cells assembly referred to SkiaSharp instead of System.Drawing.Common. As you may know System.Drawing.Common lib is poor on non-windows platforms.