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Image lost when reopen the file

Hi Laurence,

We updated to aspose.cells and ran into a problem. When we save aspose generated excel, then re-open it. it will display"data lost" message box and image will be lost. I've attached our template.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

I opened and saved this file with Aspose.Cells and don’t find any problem. Could you please give me more detail information about this problem? Could you post your generate file here?

save the template file to your C: as report.xls, then run the following

Dim excelapp As Aspose.Cells.Excel = New Aspose.Cells.Excel




After you see the file open on your screen, click save as... say save as c:\h1.xls. Close the file, click open from Excel, pick c:\h1.xls you just saved. you will see the message box "File error: Data may have been lost", and image is gone.

Thank you

No. I don't find any problem following your steps.

Attached is my h1.xls. Could you post your h1.xls here? Thank you.

We are using Win XP, Excel 2003 (11.5612.5606), and Aspose.cells.

Please try this attached fix.

I tried the fix, still gave me “data lost” issue. The file is attached.

After a double check, it’s really an odd problem for it only occurs on Excel2003. It works fine for ExcelXP and Excel2000. I will check this issue.

Please try this attached version. It should solve this problem.

Thank you