Image output to client machine without MS-Word


I am performing an evaluation for purchase of your product to use extensively in our ASP.NET software product. In looking at the demos provided, I expected that once an image was inserted it would be viewable on a machine that did not contain MS-Word.

(Note: this is the Employees Report sample that pulls images from an MDB)

I tried .OpenInBrowser and was able to view the document but there were no images

I then tried .OpenInWord to no avail. I then installed the MS-Word Viewer that you suggest. The .OpenInWord now displays the document but still no images. Only machines that contain an actual copy of MS-Word are able to view the images.

Is there a way to get images embedded and displayed on systems that do not have MS-Word installed without going to your PDF component?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.



To produce Word documents, the machine to run Aspose.Word does not need to have Microsoft Word installed as Aspose.Word itself is a Word document creation engine. However, to view Word documents produced by Aspose.Word, the machine to view them needs at least Microsoft Word Viewer installed.


Thanks for the quick reply.

The need to have the word viewer installed I already understood. I have installed the word viewer, however, the Employee report demonstration, does not display correctly with the word viewer. No images are displayed although the rest of the report comes up and displays fine.

If the Word Viewer displays the images for you, please let me know what I may be missing.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for the report, it is likely to be a problem with the document Aspose.Word produced. We will have it fixed early July.