Image Problems


I get a “Couldn’t open image file: …” error when attempting to reference an image in either of the following ways:

1. Using the OpenType=“Url” as in:

2. Using a UNC network path as in:

The only way that I have successfully used an image is using a local path, as in: "C:\temp\img.gif"

Am I missing something?


Dear rpastor,

Thanks for your consideration.

1. Please refer to the example of ImageInfo class in the API reference. Here is the Image node in the XML example:
<Image File=“http://localhost/Images/Flower.jpg” OpenType=“url” Type=“jpeg”
Width=“350” Height=“400” BitsPerComponent=“8” ComponentNumber=“3”>

when using URL type, you should specify the width,height,bpc and components number of the image.

2. I have tested your UNC example and have not found any error. Please make sure your
UNC network path is correct.


Thanks for the info. I added the missing attributes, but now I get the following error:

Unknown image type:Gif

Two questions:

1). Is there a list of supported image file types? I could not find this information in the API documentation.

2). Is there a dependency between OpenType and ImageFileType? I am able to use
Type=“gif” together with OpenType=“File” , but it’s not working as a url.


Dear rpastor,

Thanks for your consideration.

I am sorry that the list of supported image type is not in the API documentation. I will add it soon.

When using URL type, only JPEG and CCITT image are supported.