Image processing for QR code

We downloaded the fully functional temporary license and checked the operation with bmp image files of QR codes and micro QR codes. Then, it works with images taken from the front of the codes, but from its side or aslant. So do you have a product class that contains an image processing ( ex. keystone correction) for images taken aslant or being rotated? And if you have, please tell us how to apply it to the software.
Please give us your response.
Best regards,
R. Yori

RF co., Ltd.

Hi R. Yori,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please forward us the sample barcode images having Keystone effect or aslant. We will evaluate the samples and update you accordingly about our findings. Furthermore Aspose.Imaging for.NET APIs can process and manipulate images. You may visit the link .NET APIs to manipulate images for details on how Aspose.Imaging for .NET converts and process images.

Hi, I. ul Haq,

Thank you for rapid replying.
We attached the images having keystone (trapezoid) effect of aslant. Besides, we want to know whether it can recognize multiple or dark images of QR code or not. Please evaluate these samples.
Meanwhile, we will try ASPOSE. Imaging for .NET APIs. Thank you for everything.

R. Ryohei.
RF co., ltd.
Hi R. Ryohei,

Thank you for sharing samples.

We have investigated the issue at our end. While investigation it was found that the barcode images you had shared have very low DPI i.e. 72. It is recommended that barcode should have at least 300 DPI. Furthermore we are able to successfully read barcodes from following sample images:

sample_1 to sample_5

You may try again with barcode images having high resolution at you end and share your feedback along with details.

Hi I. ul Haq,

Thank you for your investigating and giving us an advice.

We will try again with images with higher PDI and let you know the result later.

By the way, we have another two questions.

First, last time, you introduced “ASPOSE. Imaging for .NET” to us to resolve the problems of image processing. Then, we checked it, but we found that it is inconvenient for us because we cannot make it single .dll file. i.e. there’re “ASPOSE. Imaging for .NET” and “ASPOSE. BarCode for .NET”, not integrated ( or combined). If you have a upper class product ( which has both functions of QR code recognizing and image processing), please tell us.

Second, now we are trying to make a Windows apps. with using “.dll file” and the apps. may be distributed to our customers. So we want to know whether there is an extra cost, or not, when we use ASPOSE’s “.dll file” to make such a apps?

Please give us your response.

Best regards,

Y. Ryohei,
RF co., ltd.
Hi R. Ryohei,

Thank you for writing us back.

For first question, Aspose offer Aspose.Total for .NET is an upper class product that encapsulates Aspose.BarCode, Aspose.Imaging and other Aspose products. Please visit the link Aspose.Total for .NET for details. Your second question is related to licensing and cost. Please post your inquiry on the Aspose.Purchase support form. Aspose.Purchase support team will guide you accordingly.
Hi I. ul Haq,

Thank you for the response. We posted our inquiry on the Aspose.Purchase Support form.

Now we have another two questions about ASPOSE.BarCode product family.

1: We think that this product also has some classes related to image processing. So is it difficult to do stable analyzing only with these classes?

2: In reference to this, you said that you are able to read the samples we sent, but some of these five samples have keystone(trapezoid) or aslant. So did you do the investigation with the class except for ASPOSE.BarCode product? or you did with ASPOSE.BarCode product only?

Please give us response.

Best regards,

Y. Ryohei,
RF co., ltd.

Hi R. Ryohei,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Aspose.BarCode for .NET has APIs to manipulate the barcode image. The main utility of Aspose.BarCode for .NET is to generate and recognize barcode not to correct or process barcode image so it has limited functionality.

For investigation I had used the latest version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET. Code snippet that i used is given below for your reference.


Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeRecognition.BarCodeReader objBReader = new Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeRecognition.BarCodeReader(@"sample_1.bmp", Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeRecognition.DecodeType.QR);
objBReader.RecognitionMode = Aspose.BarCode.BarCodeRecognition.RecognitionMode.MaxBarCodes;
int counter = 0;
while (objBReader.Read())
Console.WriteLine(" -- Symbol:" + objBReader.GetCodeType() + " Code :" + objBReader.GetCodeText());