Image resized on aspose excel


Hi Laurence,

we are running into a problem with image now.

Our aspose.excel automation opens a template, which has images on one worksheet. Those images are set to be “Don’t move or size with cells” initially.

After automation, those images’s length become 2-3 times longer, and the properties of the images become move but don’t size with cells.

any idea?

Thank you


Please try the fix attached at It solves the problem of change the image property. But I dont’ find the image distortion problem. Could you please give me a simple sample to show it? Thank you.



I updated my aspose Excel to, and it still gives me image resize issue. The propertities is showing “Don’t move and resize with cells” but the image was expanded 3 times bigger. Can you help us with this?

Thank you


here is the original template xls file

Thank you


Please try this fix.


That was awsome! that you very much for the quick fix.