Image to Searchable PDF

Is their an example of converting an image into a Searchable PDF.

I’ve looked at Aspose.OCR but can’t see anyway of saving the output from OCR as a Searchable PDF.

Ideally an example of a multi page TIFF into a multi page PDF where it’s undergone OCR to produce the searchable content within the PDF.

If no example pseudo code is fine an pointers to which javadoc or documentation I need to check.

Main issue is I’m not sure which component is responsible for it.

Hi John,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please, note that Aspose.Pdf for .NET provides the capabilities to extract text from PDF document. If the source PDF file is generated from scanned image(s), then I am afraid Aspose.Pdf for .NET might not be able to extract or Highlight any text inside PDF file. However for your particular scenario, first you need to extract the images from PDF document and then you may try using Aspose.OCR to extract text from image files. For more information, please visit the following links:

  • Extract Images from the PDF File.
  • Perform OCR on Image.

Once you have performed an OCR on images, you can again convert the text contents to PDF format using Aspose.Pdf for .NET. For further details, please visit How to Convert a text file to PDF.

Hope the above information helps. Please feel free to write us back in case you have further concerns or questions for us.
1) I'm using Java not .Net so is the information still relevant?
2) I'm starting with a TIFF file
3) I'm trying to get a exact replicate of the TIFF as a PDF which can also be searchable. I can get the text from TIFF using OCR, I can put TIFF into PDF. But I can't put TIFF into PDF and make text the OCR discovered searchable.

The PDF version of a TIFF needs to be an exact replica in look and feel, layout, style.
Hi John,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Following are the correct Java documentation URLs:

Hi Ikram,

Your 1st link is to extract images from a PDF. I’ve got a TIFF file and want to convert it to a PDF. The opposite of your 1st link.

TIFF convert to PDF

Not PDF extract IMAGE


Hi John,

Please, go through the links given below for details on how to convert from image to PDF:

Hope the above information helps. In case of issues please do not hesitate to write us back.