Image vertical position wrt margin- pdf conversion problem


I'm trying to position an image in the header as a watermark, to serve as vertical label in the left margin of my document [sample attached].

The vertical positioning of the image in the pdf xml produced is correct if the vertical offset of the image is specified relative to page or relative to paragraph, but if the offset is specified relative to margin, the vertical offset is wrong.

Please let me know if I'm missing something here, otherwise you might want to add a note in the converters.xls document since MSWord image positioning mode is margin relative by default.


Charu Tevari


Thanks for reporting this issue to us. We will research it and let you know.


This is an issue in Aspose.Pdf and I've reported this to the Aspose.Pdf team, they might fix it.

The problem happens when you position a shape that is in a header of the document relative to page margin. For some reason Aspose.Pdf does not handle this well. If the shape is in the main body of the document, then positioning relative to the margin works okay.


Dear Charu,

Aspose.Pdf has different edge relative positioning with MS Word in header or footer. I can't solve this problem in short time. Please use page relative positioning instead.