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Images not showing up in eval version


I am evaluating ASPose.Word for a large company. Because of the corporate standard, we are using Word 97.

Images are not showing up in the generated Word document, not even in your own demo suite. To test it, I am using the Builder part of the demos which come with the eval copy of ASPose.Word.

I am debugging through your code and the line

System.Drawing.Image image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(MapPath(".") + “\…\Documents\Aspose.Word.gif”);

is returning a valid bitmap.

The line


is not throwing any exceptions.

Could you please help me out with this?


Let me follow up to my questions…

It seems that the images are being inserted in the Word document… they are initially invisible though.

I run your Builder demo program. I do not see an image at the end of the document. However, when I move the mouse to where the image is supposed to be, and then click on that spot, an outline of the image shows up. Then if I right-click on the image and pick ‘Edit Picture’ from the context menu, the image will apear in the image editor. If I them close the image editor, the image appears just fine in the original document.

Any clues?

Thanks for the report, we will double check it with Word97 asap.


As a followup…

The document with the images appears just fine in Word 2000.

The problem seems to be the display in Word 97.

Since I am consulting for a large conglomerate that is still on Word 97, I need to have this issue resolved on Word 97.


Thanks, we do the bulk of testing with WordXP. You are right, there is a problem with images on Word97 and WordViewer. We will fix this asap.

Hi, please download Aspose.Word 1.6.4 hotfix, it addresses this problem.