IMAP Connection fails if password contains special characte

We have an issue with the ImapClient. Beginning with version 22.12, our software sometimes fails to connect to Imap mailboxes (error ‘NO authentication failed’). We narrowed the issue down to passwords containing special characters (in our current case, the offending character seems to be *).
The release notes for 22.12 mention this enhancement: ‘EMAILNET-40880 IMAP Login password syntax with special characters’. Seems that this is wrapping the password in quotes, if it contains one of the characters *, ( and ). Earlier versions did not do this. We also tested 23.9. which also has this issue.
Is there any possibility to turn this (in our case unwanted) feature off?

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes as soon as possible.

Issue ID(s): EMAILJAVA-35214

Hello @arne411,

We’ve added a new option to ignore quotes in password during IMAP authentication. The option will appear in version 23.10.

property EmailClient.usePasswordQuotes
Sets a value indicating whether Quotes should be used in login password syntax with special characters.
By default, is True.

Code sample:

// False if Quotes should not be used in login password syntax

Perfect. Thank you!

You’re welcome.