Import large data


hi laurence,

i’m sure you’ve addressed this problem before but i need to ask again. I have to import a large amount of data into one workbook ( over 150,000 rows). the data will be separated into three different worksheets so as to not surpass the maximum amount of rows excel can handle. at the end of populating the workbook, it returns a size of 40+ megs. what can i do to reduce this to a smaller size? should i make each worksheet a csv file? i tried to save it as an xml file but that only make the file quadruple in size. any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.



Dear Michael,

If you populate so large amount of data into a single workbook, its size is really too large. Saving to CSV file may reduce the size or may not. That depends on the data.

Generally I suggest you to populate your data into three workbooks instead of three worksheets. Then each workbook may be about 10-15MB.