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Import word document


I am evaluating the Aspose for java and have the following questions.

1) Can I import an existing word document to the one being created?

2) Can I import the contents of PDF to the word document being created?.


Hello Rag,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

  1. You can easily import the existing word documents into newly created or other already existing document. Please check the following Wiki article to find out how to do this:

  2. The second question is tricky. There is no straightforward way of importing PDF to Word. And I have heard of any software that is able to do it. That is beacause PDF document is actually a set of drawing instructions - text, lines, images. It does not have the notion of tables, paragraphs and other document specific objects. But you probably can extract text from PDF and insert it to your document using Aspose.Pdf.Kit component. Please ask this cquestion on Aspose.Pdf forum. Guys there will be able to provide you with more exact and detailed information.

If you have any other questions please let me know. I will be glad to assist you with whatever I can.

Best regards,

Hello miklovan ,

Thanks for your response. In the second answer you mentioned that we can extract text from PDF. My PDF's contains text as well as images. So, Can I extract the whole page(including images) as it is and put that in a word document?



This question is better to be addressed to Aspose.Pdf team. I am therefore moving this thread to Aspose.Pdf forum. They will answer you in a short time.

Best regards,

If you want to extract the whole page using Aspose.Pdf.Kit and put it to Word document, the only soluton is to convert the page into image.

One more question regarding this. We are thinking of using RTF format instead of word format since RTF is industry wide standard and not specific to Microsoft and also the Aspose API has to be updated if a new MS word version comes in. So, my question is Can I generate and import RTF document using Aspose.words java API.



Not yet. We are currently implementing RTF support in Aspose.Words for .NET version. Once implemented it will be ported to Java version. So expect this in the next year.

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