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Is it (or would it be) possible to import formulas from an array? I was trying to get around the InsertRow problem (formulas not copied automatically) by creating a “Dynamic Formula” feature into my data marker system (a predefined string gets replaced with the current row number) and hoped I could just dump the dynamically created formulas into the sheet.


–Tomi B.

Well, I got around this by replacing two lines of code with two other lines of code :slight_smile: Since I was creating the array in a loop I just changed it a bit to put the values straight into the sheet.

This is a feature that I am interested in as well. I currently have an XLS file which I use as a template and I import my values. I would like to be able to import the formula column as well so that when the user opens the file and changes a number then the formula column will automatically update.

Is there a way to do this without creating a Loop and using the CellsIdea.Formula property?

Thanks for your suggestion.

This method will be added in the future release. It will be available in next week.