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Importing an html table / interpreting css?

Does anyone have any idea how i can import an html table into a spreadsheet (as happens when you select a web table, copy then paste it into excel). I have looked into breaking the table down to individual cells but there are too many additional properties held in the

tag such as Css class, vertical alignment etc.
The data is not really suitable for importing to the sheet using the import dataset/view methods because there are many columns that I do not want to display.
Also, does anyone have suggestions for how to make the formatting of a spreadsheet table look like the original css displayed one? I am using c# with a complicated datagrid that has multiple dynamic templated columns and stylesheets for the odd/even etc.
My intention is to write a fairly generic bit of code that allows me to send a datagrid in and for it to just get added to my current worksheet.


To import the data, you can use ImportDataColumn method to import specific columns of data.

Formatting is much more complex and I don’t have a solution yet.

I would like to be able to import from an HTML table too, is that now possible on Aspose.Excel?

No. It’s not supported in Aspose.Excel.

I would also like this feature to be considered for Aspose.Excel.